Mi-Li Publishing

Kids Books For Adults Too

Mi-Li Publishing was founded by Makeda Ben-Naeh in 2002

and publishes children’s books dealing with questions of self identity

and belonging in different social & family structures.

All the books are written and illustrated

simply, humorously, and with a great deal of love.

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Makeda Ben-Naeh, Mi-Li Publishing
Phone: 972-2-6790424
Mobile: 972-54-7308005
Mail: milipublishing@hotmail.com

About The Books

The Belly Button Book

The book introduces all the body parts and the special connection to our parents

Two Dads

The book introduces different modern day family structures

Plain Jane

The book expresses the need to be just like everyone elseand yet to remain special

Grandpa in My Heart

The book deals with the coping with the death of a loved one

How Much Money

The book deals with our daily dealings regarding money

Shabbat But Not

The book introduces different ways of celebrating the Sabbath

Sad Day

The book describes feelings on a particularly sad day

Brown Child

The book introduces children of all the different colors

Mom On Wheels

The book deals with acceptance of those with special needs in society

The Run Away Wee

The book deals with accepting accidents in all ages

When We Have Guests

The book describes the difference in our behavior

when we have guests

Baby Maintenance Manual

A concise and humorous guide for baby care

From Cat to Cradle

Ten humorous steps for a smooth transition from cat to baby care

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